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BIOAZUL joins the working group of the technological platform Food for Life Spain from the fruits and vegetables sector. As member of this group, BIOAZUL introduced the FRESH-DEMO project to the members of the group. This project is based on the development of applications for its technology of ultrasonic humidification, which has huge benefits for this industry, among them we can emphasize the increase of the product shelf life and the weight loss reduction of the fresh products.

These technological platforms have been fostered by FIAB with the aim of promoting the creation of public-private associations. Through this cooperation the technological platforms can define the technological and research needs in the sector for medium-long term and coordinate the public and private investment in R&D at national or European level.

FIAB, with the support of the Office of Agrofood Industry and Environment, has developed an Strategic Plan for the related industry aiming to contribute to the Spanish economy improvement within the horizon 2020. As part of this strategy, on November 20th it took place the 2nd edition of ALIBETOPIAS, with the participation of BIOAZUL.


The event was focused on interested companies of this industry, technological centers, public bodies and associations, targeting the development of joint programs and allowing to place the sector in a better global and competitive situation, locating Spain as an example of a knowledge-based economy.

In this way, the event was also supported by the Technological Platform Food for Life Spain (PTF4LS), of which BIOAZUL is a member of 2 work groups: Quality, Production and Sustainability, with its water recycling business line and the Fruits&Vegetables group, contributing with its ultrasonic humidification technology, which increase the product shelf life and reduce their weight loss.

On 15 February, in the framework of the FORO TRANSFIERE in Malaga, FIAB organized a conference about Capitalization of European R&D& I projects: Success stories.

During this event, we will have the opportunity to share the experience of different types of projects which have achieved their objectives meanwhile has providing a platform for companies and SMEs to capitalize their efforts on real business possibilities.

BIOAZUL will share its experience with the FRESH-DEMO project, which is an innovative action of the European Commission’s H2020 program, which has demonstrated the effectiveness of UltraFRESH ultrasonic humidification technology.

Next 22 of February, BIOAZUL with the support of TECNOVA, will give a Workshop about Ultrasonic Humidifiers in Almería.

In this event, different companies from the agri-food sector will have the chance to discover success stories of the FRESH-DEMO project, in which Bioazul was a partner.

This project gave us the chance to perform study cases in real scale, whose results highlighted the potential of the ultrasonic humidification (UltraFRESH technology) along the whole fruits and vegetables distribution chain.

Specifically, the ultrasonic humidification application was tested from the post-harvest until the selling point, including the transport with products, with the current systems. The results were very positive and during the workshop we will share the experience and the different application possibilitities of this innovative technology for the sector.

The workshop will be very dynamic, including a live demonstration of the technology and a cocktail, where we hope we can share different experiences.

We are waiting for you all!