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The Department of Management Engineering at Technical University of Denmark focuses on innovation and organization of innovation processes and technological and environmental relations in a business and social perspective. The department’s Division for Quantitative Sustainability Assessment (QSA) develops scientifically based engineering methods for quantitative sustainability assessment in a life cycle perspective. These tools include life cycle assessment (LCA), social life cycle assessment (S-LCA) or cost-benefit analysis (CBA). In addition to methodological development.
QSA is a research group with a high scientific standing and is internationally recognized in the field of quantitative environmental life cycle assessment of industrial products and systems.

Main tasks in the project:

The QSA division will quantitatively assess the environmental and economic performance of the FRESH-DEMO systems Process-based life cycle assessment will be combined with input-output analysis using a hybrid approach to build up a comprehensive view of the environmental performance of humidification/disinfection systems for fruit and vegetables in Europe. . In addition, to determine if FRESH-DEMO is a sound investment in the fruit/vegetable sector, cost benefit analysis will be carried out.

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