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Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, represents the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in the EU and beyond. It is a non-profit association with headquarters in Brussels uniting over 200 members from all across the European Union and its key partner countries. Freshfel Europe members are both companies and national associations of producers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers of fresh fruits and vegetables and their service providers – thus stakeholders across the entire supply chain are represented. Freshfel Europe closely cooperates with all its members to best represent the interest of the sector against European and international decision makers. It further updates members on recent legislative or supply chain developments, stimulating the supply of healthy and fresh products that comply with strict quality, environmental, social and safety requirements for the benefit of consumers. Freshfel Europe also offers a unique platform for professional networking and exchange of knowledge, best practices and novel ideas as well as facilitating contacts among representatives of the fresh fruit and vegetables sector. Freshfel Europe’s strong interest in the innovative FRESH-DEMO humidification/disinfection technology arises from its potential to contribute to some of the association’s main objectives, including increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the European fruit and vegetables sector, assist members to comply with the highest safety, environmental and CSR rules/standards, or positioning the sector in the new research and innovation policy. With Freshfel Europe’s participation in the FRESH-DEMO project the consortium can utilize its large network of key players in the fresh produce sector, its experience in media campaigns and knowledge transfer and most importantly its numerous channels of mass communication – not only to members and stakeholders but to anyone and any entity active or interested in the European fruit and vegetables sector. Examples include the weekly Freshfel Newsletter (contains the latest information on crucial legislative and sector developments within the fruit and vegetables sector), the “Fresh Times” (issued every two months and summing up latest best practices and other initiatives undertaken to stimulate consumption), or media campaigns such as ‘Enjoy Fresh’ which highlights the value of fresh produce. As a well-recognised platform of exchange within stakeholders of the fruits and vegetables sector along with the above-mentioned activities and experience in mass communication Freshfel Europe represents the ideal consortium member to efficiently and effectively lead the dissemination activities envisaged in the FRESHDEMO project. Well-established communication pathways are in place which can be successfully deployed in the dissemination and promotion of FRESH-DEMO to a wide spectrum of targeted customers along the entire post-harvest supply chain, thereby facilitating the market penetration of the system throughout Europe.

Main tasks in the project:

Freshfel Europe will lead the dissemination activities in order to ensure proper distribution of project results among key stakeholders and key actors of the fruits and vegetables industry - thereby facilitating subsequent market uptake of the FRESH-DEMO technology. Freshfel Europe will develop mass dissemination materials as well as training materials and implement a workshop in order to inform the fruit and vegetable sector about the technology, its effects and environmental and economic benefits, and provide them with the necessary information and consultation with regards to adopting the technology. Freshfel Europe will further exploit their existing channels and collaborate with its members such as national fresh produce associations to raise awareness of the technology among a much wider customer base across the whole of Europe through the existing channels of these associations (e.g. newsletters, workshops, conferences etc.).

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