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Bioazul S.L. is an engineering company providing innovative technical and commercial solutions in fields such as energy efficiency, process engineering, or water (including wastewater treatment and reuse). Bioazul S.L. has a broad experience developing prototypes for municipal and industrial applications including the design of the systems, design of control modules and the control philosophy, prototype construction and commissioning, etc. Bioazul S.L. services also include performance-improving in existing plants, development of control systems and integration of state-of-the-art technologies and retrofitting of obsolete installations, or energetic optimizations. Furthermore, Bioazul S.L. is a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of joint R&D projects, participating as a partner, administrative coordinator and general coordinator in over 30 EU projects within the 6FP, the 7FP and the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. The company has provided pilot plants and prototypes for several EU research and demonstration projects such as WACOSYS, PURATREAT, ALGATEC, ALGATECII, TREAT&USE and NANOBAK2. In the field of water engineering, the company’s continuous cooperation with companies as well as universities and RTD institutes worldwide has provided Bioazul S.L. with extensive experience and skills in research and development of advanced high energy efficient solutions for water/ wastewater treatment such as SBRs, MBRs, Micro- and Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis and others, which consistently include the newest innovations in the field.
Bioazul S.L.’s pertinent experience in providing high-tech water treatment technologies explains the choice to be included in the FRESH-DEMO consortium. Within the project, Bioazul S.L. expects to prove and apply its knowledge in water treatment for a wider field of applications in the fruit and vegetable sector, diversifying its range of products, improving its profile and consolidating its position in the market for water and wastewater treatment technologies.

Main tasks in the project:

Bioazul S.L. is responsible for the administrative project management and for the design of the water treatment systems (based on filters, reverse osmosis) which will supply demineralized water to the ultrasonic humidifier for the production of the aerosol. Bioazul S.L. will support the assembly of the prototypes; contribute to the technical evaluations during the demonstration trials as well as to various exploitation and dissemination activities.

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